Inspirational Message Before I Left The Philippines

Before I migrated to Vancouver, Canada, my college department invited me to give an Inspirational Message for their Pinning and Clothing Ceremonies. It was really my honor because I just graduated months before that specific event and there I was, speaking in front of them. I was so thrilled and excited that I did not know how I wrote my speech. All I know was that it came from the bottom of my heart. I always get goosebumps whenever I read what I wrote. Truly, God inspired me during that time.


An inspiring afternoon to one and all.

I am standing here before you,  with yet another dream come true,  the very first motivational speech before I leave the Philippines.  Even though I am leaving for Canada in a couple of weeks,  I will bring with me the values Sacred Heart College inculcated in me. The values,  I do hope, are within each and every one of us, because we are not just into Psychology, we are also Cordians. 

Four Junes had passed, I did not know the essence of life, until I stepped again at Sacred Heart College and took up Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I was hesitant to where destiny was taking me. Many of my friends ask me if I blame God for making me different, for making me special. But what they do not know is that it is because I am different that I want to become the inspiration to other people.

Then God said to me, “Danielle, to heal your own flaws, you should fully understand the weaknesses of other people. Help them to be inspired by you that although I made you small, you are greater than most of them because I gave you a compassionate heart, the one that heals.”

So from then on, I had a mission. A mission to change and inspire other peoples’ lives. A mission to listen with empathic heart and not with a discriminating mind. A mission to speak the truth and not
be blinded by power and fame. A mission to change my life with the help of God’s purest love. As soon as people see me, I want them to be reminded that they are still blessed in the midst of their own pain. If I can smile beyond my failures, they can also have the positive outlook in life beyond their imperfections.

In my own words, Pinning and Clothing symbolize maturity and responsibility. You need to be mature enough to take responsibility to the tasks ahead of you. Now is the time you take pride of what you do.

By the way, may I know who among you wants to be in the educational field after graduation? Please raise your hand. How about in the HR Department? Or perhaps in the clinical setting?

In 10 years time, maybe some of you are already Registered Guidance Counselors, or Human Resource Managers, or Doctors of Psychology. It’s all up to you on what you will become. These are just titles. The most essential thing in life is who you really are. Though you are one of the most successful Psychologists around, and all you think about is power and fame without the heart that helps, still, you are a failure in the eyes of God.

Today,  I dare you to always live by these words, LOVE IS SERVICE and SERVICE IS LOVE.

Thank you and have a blessed day!

-DV, September 2014

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