Sunsets and Sunrises | a poem

Once there’s a worm as dark as night
Gasping, panting, almost lifeless
Searching for a haven in sight
A safe place for someone homeless

Climbing up a plant full of thorns
Wondering why he’s mesmerized
Catching his breath, relief has shown
Pausing while the world criticized

Suddenly the plant came to life
Selflessly gave the worm his needs
Warmth and tenderness, love’s delight
Unconditionality pleads

Witnessed sunsets and sunrises
Both of them were starting to change
Gave each other unsure gazes
Seems that they were now parting ways

The friendship they’re keeping the most
The thought that they were getting by
While the plant was really a rose
The worm became a butterfly


Title: Sunsets and Sunrises

Written by: Danielle Verzosa

Published Date: January 2013

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