Four Seasons

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to experience 4 different seasons in one year?

Growing up, I was only able to experience 2 seasons; either crazy rainy days or humid sunny days. The Philippines is known to only have 2 seasons: the wet and dry season. This is actually tiresome since you always need to use an umbrella whenever it’s raining or even when it’s just sunny. Yes, you heard it right! Most Filipinos use umbrellas to hide from the sun, only because we do not want to get darker skin tone.

It was Autumn 2014 when my family and I moved to Vancouver, Canada and I was so excited to finally experience 4 different seasons in one year. Moving to a city with one of the best climates in Canada was just perfect; not too hot and not too cold.

I waited the whole year round just to capture these 4 scenes; autumn, winter, spring, and summer. And it feels so great to finally share these photos with the whole world!

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The Social Media Aficionada

I still could not believe that I already finished three courses in my entire lifetime. I’ve overcome countless sleepless nights under stress and pressure because I had to meet deadlines for six long years. It was not the best feeling in the world but I am proud that I survived.

Having been chosen as one of the 20 lucky Digital Communications students in Simon Fraser University was simply stupendous. To think that I just came to Canada weeks before the actual start of class. It was nerve-wracking because interacting with immigrants was new to me. However, they turned out to be the reason why I really enjoyed studying this course. They were incredible classmates and I learned a lot from them.